As a result of technology and ongoing innovations in digital systems, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, telemedicine has now become an essential part of the evolution of healthcare both in Italy and worldwide.
It is an ascertained fact that telemedicine enables doctors and healthcare personnel to provide care to their patients remotely via various devices, such as computers, smartphones, wearables and other connected devices, which are steadily developing. It is essential to understand the importance of telemedicine. It should not only be seen as a solution that allows contact with a doctor via a “remote examination”, but as an ecosystem that enables previously unimaginable advantages for the patient.

Indeed, telehealth instead of in-person visits does not only save both costs and time but also increases the frequency of visits, the doctor’s availability beyond the traditional working days, the possibility of rapidly contacting a specialist for initial guidance, access to all one’s clinical data on the digital medical record, continuous monitoring through wearable or even implantable devices, easy choice, booking and payment, and much more. Naturally, this also reduces stress and exposure to disease, allowing frail and elderly patients to avoid contagion, long queues and travel from one place to another.
Telemedicine thus becomes a quick and efficient tool that does not aim to exclude everything medicine has represented up to now but, rather, looks to the future to steadily facilitate and improve the evolution of healthcare.
But what do the doctors think? Well, when interviewed, the vast majority of specialists admits that with a simple remote examination, provided it is supported by access to the person’s clinical data and facilitated by sophisticated systems supported by a perfectly functioning network, they are able in over 80% of cases to understand the possible urgency and/or severity of the situation and to immediately guide their patient towards the best solution, whether pharmacological, diagnostic or therapeutic. A huge advantage!
And what about the patients? The cultural change is significant. It takes a process of learning and successful experimentation to change ingrained habits that have survived for centuries. Not meeting the doctor but seeing him on the computer screen, not carrying papers but knowing that he has access to our entire medical history, not having to wait or fear symptoms but being aware that we have instruments, which, at the slightest sign of irregularity, warn our doctor who calls us for a check-up.
Prestazioni sanitarie: second opinionMDConcierge supports and adopts the new vision of telemedicine. Hence, it aims at becoming the landmark for health and prevention, also through these cutting-edge services and convenient and advantageous tools, which allow to build a stable relationship based on mutual trust between doctor and patient, never losing sight of the importance of the human relationship, even at a distance. The comprehensive and sophisticated digital ecosystem created offers every opportunity for its customers to be cured while staying at home, and only travelling in a targeted manner to follow the path recommended by their doctor. With a significant reduction in costs and stress.