As part of its exclusive services, MDConcierge offers a Personalised Prevention Plan.
It is not a simple check-up offering standard examinations, but rather a comprehensive plan, based on a thorough case history and targeted examinations to be defined in a fully customised manner on the basis of the individual’s specificities, family history and risk factors.
The point of reference is the Tutor Physician, an expert in internal medicine, who, following the draft of the Personalised Prevention Plan, will explain to the person any examinations and check-ups to be carried out regularly to preserve their health.
Primary prevention, i.e., prevention based on risk factors for healthy people, is one of the main values of MDConcierge.
There are also two other forms of prevention, precisely secondary prevention and tertiary prevention.
Secondary prevention aims at early recognition and treatment of the disease. It is carried out through visits and tests based on age and gender.
Tertiary prevention, on the other hand, relates to previous diseases, generally chronic, and aims to prevent aggravation and further complications.

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