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our values

MDConcierge is the first organisation in Italy to offer Concierge Care services. This widespread practice in the United States is still little known in our country. One of the main values of MDConcierge is primary prevention, which changes the approach to health. The doctor is an ally to address risk factors without waiting for the symptoms. The MDConcierge Tutor Physician, a specialist in internal medicine, will be able to offer you the best opportunities for prevention, diagnosis and therapy, even from remote, to take care of your health, always. Also by using technological devices to monitor your parameters. With MDConcierge, your entire medical history and related documentation will be included in your personal Digital Medical Record, which will always be up-to-date and accessible from anywhere.


To become the landmark in Italy for Health, experienced in its totality through our constant care.


To spread the culture of prevention for a peaceful life.

our vision

To become the landmark in Italy for Health, experienced in its totality through our constant care.

our mission

To spread the culture of prevention for a peaceful life.

Our organisation

The MDConcierge team considers health the most valuable asset to be protected over time.
Our organisation daily promotes this with highly customised services and major technology development projects aimed at both families and companies.


University professors, doctors and professionals of international standing: always up-to-date on research and innovation


An experienced Concierge service to manage the organisation of visits and examinations, and to resolve all bureaucratic burdens, even with your insurance


We monitor your health through state-of-the-art devices to meet your specific needs based on possible risk factors

Digital Medical

Your health data and documents always at hand, protected by the latest innovative cybersecurity systems, and accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere


Doctors and paediatricians available 7 days a week to handle any request and guarantee a solution for your health problem, even by accessing our Network

Internal Medicine

Tutor Physician, internist, the ever reliable one-stop shop for your health and the health of your family

Massimo Pietracaprina


With extensive experience in the healthcare and medical sector, he has contributed to developing strategic projects for groups, such as Schering, Bayer, Humanitas, IEO and San Donato

Pierluigi Incerti Caselli

Medical Director

In more than 40 years of experience in the field, he has achieved recognised clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic excellence, combined with strong interpersonal and organisational skills


Motivated and with successful experience in leading healthcare facilities, our team daily works to improve quality and innovate MDConcierge services.

How much is your health WORTH?
Rely on MDConcierge’s prevention and constant assistance. WE SHALL take care of your health.
Experienced professionals will accompany you on a customised path in excellent facilities.